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In this website, bird-watchers can report their sightings and consult the history of avocets ringed with coloured rings in France: where and when they were ringed and where they have been seen by other bird-watchers.

If the bird you have seen corresponds to a ring combination in our database, you can immediately consult its history. The metal ring number figures at the beginning of the series of sightings.

Each year, new birds are ringed between May and August and the combinations added to the database. If the ring data has not yet been registered in the database, the metal ring number does not appear at the top of the individual history. This does not mean that your sighting is wrong but that the database will be updated shortly. Visit the website again later.

If your observation does not correspond to any combination already in the database, it is possible that the bird comes from another monitoring programme. In this case, we will try to identify this programme and the ringer will send you the history of the bird sighted.

Individual bird-watchers have access to other data relating to the bird they have seen but are not permitted to use the data for scientific analysis without written permission from the project co-coordinators. Requests for permission should be addressed to the manager of the website :

DateCombinationCountryDepartmentNearest townObserver(s)  
30/05/2024BWx/WRFrance44BATZ-SUR-MERMorgane LORSONG
30/05/2024YG/BY8France44BATZ-SUR-MERMorgane LORSONG
29/05/2024Y11/NBWFrance44GUERANDEFlavien ALAIN
29/05/2024RW/WY8France44GURANDEFlavien ALAIN
29/05/2024NGf/YGBFrance44GURANDEFlavien ALAIN
28/05/2024BWx/WWFrance44MESQUERFlavien ALAIN
28/05/2024RWx/BRFrance44MESQUERFlavien ALAIN
28/05/2024NY/WY8France44MESQUERFlavien ALAIN


Sources ALH, GG and JC for Bretagne Vivante - SEPNB - contact web - contact Programme Avocet